life coachingBegin with the end in mind, that is what Life Coaching structure is base on. Unlike counselling and many form of therapy, Life Coaching is base on getting the client to a specific goal or outcome. As a life coach by discovering what the obstacles or challenges that is limiting the client, we assist in helping the client achieving the desired outcome & goal.

The Life Coaching Format:
• 60 to 90 minute initial session
• One 30 to 60 minute skype/phone call weekly (session time dependent on program)
• Occasional check-in calls on client status

We are highly trained in many different form of modalities can can assist each individual client on many aspect of life. In Life Coaching the following areas are some of the area we work on:
• Relationships and Intimacy
• Stress Management
• Spirituality and Personal Growth
• Entrepreneurial Development
• Career Planning and Development
• Motivation and Time Management

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